short urgency cart headlines,

Here are four versions of very short urgency cart headlines, incorporating the themes of limited stock, a 48-hour sale period, a price increase, and buying for friends and family. Emojis have been added to enhance the visual appeal and urgency:

1. 🚨 Almost Gone! Sale Ends in 48H 🕒! Grab Gifts for Family & Friends Now @ $6.95 Before Price Jumps! 🎁
2. ⏳ Hurry! Limited Stock Left & $6.95 Deal Ends in 2 Days! 🛒 Shop for Loved Ones Now!
3. 📢 Act Fast! Only 48 Hours Left at $6.95! Buy for Friends & Family Before It's Too Late! 🎉
4. ⌛ Last Chance! $6.95 Special Ends Soon! Stock Running Out, Gift Your Family & Friends Now! 🎊