Guidelines for Custom Lyrics

Music Genre

Please specify the genre for your song. The genre significantly influences the style and tone of the lyrics, Whether you’re envisioning  Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Singer Songwriter, Country, EDM, or any other genre, let us know so we can tailor the lyrics accordingly.

Specific Phrases or Words

If there are specific phrases, words, or ideas you’d like included in the lyrics, please list them. These can be anything from a unique catchphrase, personal names, to specific imagery or metaphors you want to ensure are part of your song. This helps add a personal touch and ensures the lyrics are truly bespoke.

Seeking Inspiration? Here are some Examples of Customer Requests

1. "I'm Emily, and I'm eager to commission a song for my husband John, marking our 10th anniversary. In the song, please highlight the charming story of how we met at a cozy bookstore, our unforgettable trip to Bali, the birth of our daughter Lily, and the quirky fact that we both share a passion for collecting vintage teapots."

2. "Hello, we're Max's parents. We want to celebrate his medical school graduation with a song about his dedication, the long nights at the library, and his big achievement of becoming Dr. Max Thompson."

3. "I'm organizing a Sweet 16 for my daughter Ava. She loves horseback riding and dreams of Paris. Her best friends are Sarah and Chloe. Can you make a fun song for her party?"

4. "For Grandma Ruth's 80th birthday, we'd like a song filled with memories of her life in New York, her love for apple pie and gardening."

5. "We're Lucas and Mia, looking for a romantic song for our wedding. It should tell the story of how we met in a coffee shop, our shared love of jazz, and our proposal in Paris."

6. "I'm arranging a retirement party for Sophie, a beloved teacher for 35 years. The song should capture her passion for education, memorable school trips, and fun classroom parties."

7. "We're Emma and Jack, and we want a lullaby for our newborn son, Noah. Please include his birth date, the meaning behind his name, and our hopes for his future."

8. "I'm Lara, launching my fashion boutique. I need an empowering song about my journey from fashion student to entrepreneur, my first design success, and my vision for the future."

9. "For Papa Joe's retirement, we want a funny song about his love for fishing, barbecue skills, and habit of falling asleep during movies."

10. "We're planning a birthday song for our boss Linda. It should be humorous, mentioning her coffee habit, tech struggles, and her famous catchphrase, with a nod to the two different shoes incident."

11. "I'm Sarah, and I want a funny song about my husband Dave's DIY projects that always need fixing. Include the leaning shelf, the mystery paint color, and his 'How hard can it be?' attitude."

12. "Hi, I'm celebrating my dog Buster's 5th birthday. I want a cute song mentioning his love for chasing squirrels, his goofy howl, and his snuggly cuddles during movie nights."

13. "I'm planning a farewell party for my roommate Kate. We need a humorous song about our midnight snack raids, our failed baking experiments, and our binge-watching marathons of old TV shows."


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