"Elita's Love"

[Verse 1]
In the heart of summer, '87,
A July sun brought down a heaven,
Elita, with a smile so bright,
A star that turned my darkest night.

[Verse 2]
May the fourth, two thousand thirteen,
A day like none I'd ever seen,
She walked in, life took a turn,
In her eyes, my future burned.

Elita, you're my guiding light,
In your arms, the world feels right.
From the day you became my wife,
You're the best part of my life.

[Verse 3]
June the ninth, in twenty-seventeen,
The loveliest day that I've ever seen,
We vowed to love, in sunshine or rain,
Together in joy, together in pain.

Elita, with you, time stands still,
With every laugh, with every thrill,
In your love, I've found my home,
In your heart, I'm never alone.

Piper's laughter, our sweet melody,
In her eyes, your beauty I see,
Sara and Kendra, with love so true,
Blessed by the mother they found in you.

[Verse 4]
Every minute, every single day,
In your love, I find my way,
Elita, you're my heart's song,
With you, is where I belong.

Elita, in your embrace so tight,
Every wrong turns into right,
Through life's dance, through every dive,
With you, I feel truly alive.

In the tapestry of our life's weave,
In every dawn, in every eve,
By Lac Lu's shore and under love's cove,
Elita, you're my endless love.


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