Title: "Forever with Mike"

[Verse 1]
In June's sweet embrace, Mike, we found our forever,
A day when the sun shone just for us, so clever.
You were the first to capture my heart in a kiss,
In a sea of firsts, it’s you I’d never miss.

With you, Mike, I want all my lasts to be,
Through every high and low, every vast, endless sea.
In the dance of life, it's your hand I'll cling to,
In our love story, a bond so deep and true.

[Verse 2]
Through the toughest days, Mike, you’ve been my rock,
A beacon in my storms, against every hard knock.
From Myrtle Beach’s shores to the hills of Tennessee,
In every journey, it’s you and me, endlessly.

With you, Mike, I want all my lasts to be,
Through every joy, every tear, in this vast sea.
Hand in hand, in life's intricate fold,
Our love’s a story, timelessly told.

In every gentle night, under the stars' bright gaze,
I find our love's warmth, in so many ways.
The future's a journey, with adventures anew,
With every step, Mike, I’m grateful for you.


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