"Moon and Back"

[Verse 1]
In a Starbucks scene, a decade ago,
Trista played cupid, in that coffee glow.
You called me Honeybunny, I called you Boo,
In our old RV, we found love so true.

Oh Lee, you’re my rock, my steady flame,
In our world of love, we've got no shame.
From camping trips to biscuits in the morn,
With you, every new day feels reborn.

[Verse 2]
You’ve loved my girl, like she's your own,
Fixing cars, in our love, it’s shown.
Friday nights, Hawaii Five-0's our jam,
Whiskey and Pepsi, that's who I am.

Oh Lee, you’re my heart, my soul's delight,
Holding me close, making everything right.
From BBQs on your black stone grill,
To wiping my tears, when the world stands still.

You surprise me with flowers, and sweets to savor,
Your kisses at night, I’ll forever treasure.
Ten years of goodbyes, each morning at the door,
In your coldness, in my warmth, our love's an open shore.

[Verse 3]
We laugh at our aches, in our aging grace,
Messy and neat, in love’s embrace.
Through all the years, through joy and strife,
I love you, Lee, more than life.

Oh Lee, in your arms, I find my track,
In this journey of love, there’s no looking back.
From your gentle touch to your loving gaze,
With you, my love, through all our days.

To the moon and back, in our love's sweet pact,
In your heart, in mine, our love's intact.
In every moment, in every way,
I’ll love you, Lee, more every day.


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