Title: "Bright Spot of My Day"

(Verse 1)
Every morning when I wake, see your smile, it's no mistake,
That I'm feeling lucky, in every single way.
Laura, my love, you're my sunshine, my guide,
In this crazy world, you're the peaceful tide.

Oh, Laura, you're the bright spot of my day,
In your arms, all my worries just fade away.
You never get mad, always understanding and true,
In this hip-hop beat, my heart sings for you.

(Verse 2)
Through the highs and the lows, you're my steady, my soul mate,
With every beat, every rhyme, it's a love I can't debate.
Your laughter's infectious, your spirit's so free,
In this life's journey, it's just you and me.

Yeah, Laura, you're the bright spot of my day,
With every word, every look, you take my breath away.
Never angry, always kind, girl, you're my best friend,
In this melody of life, our love will never end.

From the morning light, to the stars at night,
Every moment with you just feels so right.
In this happy hip-hop song, I confess,
Laura, my love, you're simply the best.

Laura, you're the bright spot of my day,
With you, every color's brighter, never gray.
In your love, I find strength, I find my way,
You're my soul mate, in this hip-hop serenade.

So here's my song, for the love that's strong,
Laura, with you, I truly belong.
In every beat, in every line,
I'm thankful you're mine, till the end of time.

Version 1

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