Title: "One of a Kind"

[Verse 1]
In a rush of fate, we found each other,
Two hearts, beating under cover.
Fast-forward through love and laughter,
Knew you were my happily ever after.

In the blink of an eye, we tied our souls,
In your arms, I found my home.
Through the storm, we lost a dream,
Our little star, unseen.

But in your love, I found my strength,
Matthew, in your eyes, my heart takes breath.
Through our pain, we've grown, we've tried,
You're one of a kind, my guide.

[Verse 2]
Time healed, as it slowly passed,
Our love, a bond built to last.
The news came, a gift so divine,
A baby boy, a precious sign.

Can't wait to see you hold him tight,
In the quiet lullabies of the night.
Knowing you, a father soon to be,
In your love, our child will be free.

In your arms, a new life starts,
Together, mending our broken hearts.
In this journey, side by side,
You're one of a kind, my pride.

For every tear, for every smile,
You've made every mile worthwhile.
In our boy, our love will shine,
In him, our stars align.

Matthew, you're my forever song,
With you, I know I belong.
In our son's eyes, you'll see,
The love, the man you're meant to be.

One of a kind, my love, my friend,
With you, my heart will never bend.
In your love, I'm found, I'm blind,
Forever yours, one of a kind.

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